Antibact Line

Antibact Line

Antibact Line

Our CLASSIC line scissors in a new version specifically developed to guarantee high hygiene for your hands: they avoid the transmission of microorganism and bacteria though the surfaces of the handles.

The cutting performance is the same of our CLASSIC line scissors with blades in stainless steel AISI 420 W 1.4028 hardened at 53-54 HRC.

Bur a special antibacterial additive made of inorganic silver ions is incorporated in the blue handles of the ANTIBACT line scissors by MILLEMETRI and it brings a permanent antibacterial protection. The high concentration of silver ions starts immediately inhibiting the growth of bacteria, reaching in 24 hours an almost total protection. Once the additive is incorporated in the scissors handle, it becomes an integral part of it and guarantees a safe, effective and endless antibacterial protection.

The assembling system characterising MILLEMETRI scissors, ANTIBACT line not only enable the scissors to function perfectly and smoothly, but is also a distinctive mark for these products that remind of a medical device.

Thanks to their extremely high hygienic properties, these scissors are ideal to be used in professional contexts where it is difficult to avoid many people using the same tool. Perfect also at home and in contact with food.

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