Technik Line

Technik Line

Technik Line

The Classic TECHNIK line is specific for industrial use to cut composites materials and fibres such as Kevlar, fiberglass and carbon fibre, impossible to cut with traditional scissors.

These scissors are available in the standard version with microserration on one blade, perfect to cut fiberglass and light aramid fibres, but it’s possible to have them also with double serration for heavy aramid fibres.

The intrinsic properties of these scissors cannot be seen immediately but are easily measurable. For the blades and screws we use a special stainless steel with high percentage of carbonium that is entirely hardened at 62 HRC. This helps to keep the cutting edge sharp for long time and maintain a constant pressure between the blades.

This is the real difference between our scissors and the others on the market for this specific use. In the majority of scissors for Kevlar the high hardness is located only in the cutting edge and not in the whole blade and the screws are not hardened.

Our black screw characterising the special assembling system is unscrewing and slightly adjustable, different from the traditional slot screws that can be easily unscrewed and get damaged.

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